Discover the specialty services that Save a Life Mission Hospital offers


Infertility Treatment

We offer Comprehensive Fertility Diagnosis and Treatment

Our Epic Fertility Success Story

At 62 years of age, Mrs. Samba Briggs became the first woman aged over 60 years mark to have successfully carried and delivered of triplets (2 males & a female). This success story happened after 33 years of marriage. No more barrenness; as long as a woman has a good womb, she stands a chance of being a mother, regardless of her age.

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Neonatal/Paediatric Care Services

First of its kind in West Africa

SaveALife Mission Hospital’s Neonatal/ Pediatric Unit is ISO certified and ranks among the best in the nation. Our Resident pediatric physicians apply state-of-the-art diagnostics to treat conditions ranging from basic to complex. We are prepared to ensure the survival of a newborn with the slightest of chances.

Our Transport Incubators has increased the chances of survival for babies delivered but require urgent transportation to nearby medical facilities. Preventable demise following Cold-Shock on newborns during referral are now a thing of the past. SaveALife Neonatal Miracle Unit Story A 26 weeks and 3 days old and a 27 weeks old, 0.7kg newborns survived delivery and still alive through the support of our ultramodern Neonatal Unit


Hip/Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Anatomical Hip Replacement.
    • No more damage to bone matric
    • Young patients can still grow after the procedure
    • Partial knee replacement surgery: For areas affected by arthritis can now be preserved
  • Spine Surgeries.
    • Treatment of pains following Spinal nerves compression from
    • Spondylosis, Disc degeneration etc.
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Bariatric & Obesity Surgery

Where dieting and exercise fails, we offer;

Obesity has been found to be either the mother or strong promoter of all chronic illness most especially Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart attacks and Stroke etc.